About Us

SEABINA FOOD was just established in early 2016 with the unlimited passion of two co-founders Nguyen Khanh Giau and Le Thanh Tien for food business, especially for seafood and agriculture. We believe that, even science and technology develop very quickly and deeply but people always need source of clean food to supply energy and essential nutrients for healthy development of physical and mental of human.

We have more than ten years working in agricultural and seafood industry from farm, hatchery, feed mill and processing plant. We are aware of and know well about catching, farming, processing and preserving of products, also about food safety, traceability and sustainability.

We always perceive the activity of purchasing and selling of food is not only profit but must ensure health of human, responsible with community and environment, sustainability and animal welfare. With such passion and perception, we together created SEABINA FOOD to do business and contribute a positive role in supply chain of food for community.

Our mission is Trade Representative of seafood and agricultural products of the factories teamwork, to bringing sourcing products and supply best services support to buyers, make to the buyers save time to searching for best factory from our portal. Our motto is WE WORK AND WE CARE so that we always try our best to make customers the most satisfied and guarantee to protect environment and also accelerate the perception of community about sustainable development.

With the criteria, SEABINA FOOD‘s members are always available to answer all queries as well as dealing with orders professionally. Thus, you are always welcomed to us, no concern about time to serve.


Our Team:

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Giau

Over ten years of experience in seafood products about sourcing, inspection, processing, auditing of factory and farm, traceability 








Mr. Le Thanh Tien - (Brian)

Over ten years of experience in seafood and agricultural products about sourcing, inspection, processing of factory and farm, traceability 








      Why choose us:    

  •   Reasonable pricing
  •   Quick servicing
  •   Quality commitment